Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Arthur or Martha

I'm guessing you've worked out what this post is about from the picture alone, so hopefully I wont have to spend too long on an explanation.
For the less astute amongst you, I'll type it out;
Karen is pregnant.

As is customary, we have known for a while (since the 10th April to be exact) and have had to keep this little piece of good news a secret.
Although difficult, this has been enjoyable at times.
Its been nice to hear the announcement of new pregnancies (Helen D / Iain T / Kelsey R respectively spring to mind), with the knowledge that Karen and I are also in the same "club" and will be no doubt be receiving similar love and well wishes. Its quite a nice feeling, knowing that we've got such support just around the corner!

I had to silently laugh to myself at work, when the topic of siblings came up one morning about 4 weeks ago. My colleagues were amazed by anyone who have had children close together, and example after example was cited with the cons being discussed for a good half hour.
The funny thing was, I agreed with most of them.
It was nice to show them the scan picture yesterday and remind them of the conversation we had, which we all smiled about. For me, the well wishes have already started!

So, I suppose this would be a good point to say that we have always planned to have two children, so close together. Karen is obsessed with her age (which I believe is unnecessary) and after Christmas Kidneys, we decided that life is short and "carpe diem" is the way forward.
Sure, we know it will be a struggle to have a newborn in the house with Edie being just 18 months old, and that we will probably be more tired than ever before, but we can also think of a fair number of good points too.
We both quite like the idea of our children growing up together at a similar age, so that they can share the trials and tribulations of their particular time of life. We also thought that they both would always have a "friend" to knock about with, and save Edie the ordeal of having a considerably younger brother/sister who we would, no doubt, force her to include in whatever she is doing.
One thing we didn't plan on, was how quickly I would hit the back of the net. I'm pretty positive that it was my first shot on goal, but I'll say no more about this as I can almost feel Karen cringing at the thought of you reading this!

Thursdays scan went well and we will be "Consultant Lead" because of both the loss of our first child and Karen's spell in Intensive Care, but this just means more monitoring which is no big drama. 

We were given our due date, which is 12/12/12.
Which is double of 6/6/6
And I'm called Damian
Its definitely the Second Coming!

So, I think that's about it for now. I'll leave you with a thought that has filled me with pleasure and dread in equal measure. By the end of the year, I'll have two children!
And what could be better than that?!