Monday, 27 December 2010

Pics, Kicks and Saint Nic

The boredom of the day after Boxing Day gives me the ideal opportunity to write a bit of an update. As its been a while, this post spans a couple of months, so we'll start back in November.

My last update gave you the news that Karen was pregnant again and that we were still struggling with rational thought, which gave rise to constant worry about the well being of our unborn child.
We discussed this with our midwives (we have 3, it would appear. 2 more than is really necessary but that's beside the point) who have been fantastic. As they could see Karen was worrying, and not "accepting" the pregnancy, as they put it, we were offered regular reassurance scans to help her with this.
For those that don't know, this basically consists of the use of a bit of equipment that looks like a Fisher Price toy and which, in fairness, is a akin to a microphone and a cheap speaker.
Who would have known that such a low-tech bit of kit could bring such piece of mind!
There was the customary "sick to the pit of stomach" feeling whilst they found a heartbeat, but each time they did, an overwhelming sense of relief followed.

As stated earlier, the care we received was excellent, with one of the 3 midwives visiting us at home to do this (I missed this one by being on the lav!) and then offering weekly repeats (of the scans, not my toilet habits).
As the 20 week scan loomed, Karen became increasingly concerned, given the news we previously received at this point in January. I had told everyone that I wasn't too worried as there was no reason to be, but in moments of solitude, I was secretly worried to death.
On the morning of 24th November, Karen and I approached Jessops in near silence, neither one of us really wanting to discuss the mornings schedule.
It wasn't as exciting as it should have been but with understandable reasoning.
An unbelievable air of tension filled the sonographer's room whilst they searched for that all important heartbeat and when it came, the feeling was indescribable.
The look on Karen's face said it all and I shed a little tear that we had exceeded our previous "personal best".
All the measurements were "normal" and we knew that we could start to overcome the worry we had previously felt.
We didn't/don't want to know the sex, so here's little Edie/Arthur (more on this later) in all his/her 20 week glory!

Whilst we were both elated to see a healthy baby, I could tell that Karen still wasn't fully over the worry of the unknown. I suppose that she wanted just a little bit more reassurance that everything was OK with this thing that was growing inside her and for that, we would have to wait.
It feels like "wind" apparently. Or so everyone says.
Was it the baby moving or the after effects of one of my award winning spicy sausage and chilli pasta dishes?
Who can say?
All I can say is that on the evening of Saturday 18th December, we had the reassurance we both had waited for.
I was downstairs, watching some shite on the telly, whilst Karen was upstairs in the bath. Now, as a slight aside, I don't know if you know of my wife's inability to convey good news without it sounding like bad, especially when I am not in the vicinity.
A shriek came from the bathroom, which instantly lead me to believe that she was being attacked by an intruder or had suffered an unfortunate "incident" with some TRESemme Vitamin B12 & Keratin - Anti Breakage Shampoo.
The real reason for the commotion was far more impressive.
She had felt her first proper kick.
Naturally, I wanted to feel it too, so I spent 10 minutes, kneeling by the bath, with my hand strategically placed in the area of last sighting.
Feeling shunned by my unborn child, I moped back downstairs.
2 minutes later was a cry of "its done it again" so, again, I ventured up the stairs.
Am I a bad person for getting fed up of waiting to feel nothing? I dunno, but I knew I was missing Harry Hills TV Burp, so I decided to give up.
I did get my "go" in the end as during a particularly exciting episode of X-Factor, the kicking started again (maybe it was Wagner's singing) and it absolutely blew me away (Wagner's singing, not the baby)!!

So, that's you near enough up to speed.
It seems like on the 18th, someone flicked a switch and the baby kicks and squirms almost constantly.
As you can imagine, this is all the reassurance we could both ask for and we are truly happy.

We have just had our last Christmas as a 2 person family and I know that the New Year heralds a mountain of DIY in prep for the new addition. Queue much moaning and swearing on my part. I'm sure I'll be venting my frustrations here, so I apologise in advance.

Oh, I nearly forgot. I said I would say more about Edith/Arthur.
I was in two minds whether to change the name of the blog as "Burt" has fallen by the wayside.
Karen would have you believe that it was never a realistic option for a boys name, but I'll tell you otherwise.
Its with some degree of certainty that I say that if we have a girl, she will be called Edie/Edith, in memory of Karen's late Mum.
Unfortunately, Karen's late Dad didn't bless us with a ready made boys name, as we both agree that we wouldn't burden our firstborn with the name Derrick.
So, the battle is on.
I am still sticking to my guns with an offering of Burt, Arthur, Raoul or Chet whilst Karen offers Seth or Ned.
Who will win? You decide (well, you don't really but suggestions are welcome!)

To wrap this up, I'll leave you with a top gift from Karen, which I am studying intently.

She obviously knows me well as its written in just the kind of language a geek like me understands.
I'll fill you in on the best bits from the manual in due course.

It just goes for me to wish you all a prosperous New Year from me, Karen and what shall henceforth be referred to as "The Podge"™ xxx