Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ups and Down's Syndrome

Day count - 78.

I think we're over the worst of it!

The happiness of the scan heralded a new period of abject arseyness.
What promised to be that happiest of times soon deteriorated into rattyness, emotion and periods of silence.
It was hard to deal with and I really struggled with wanting to be happy, without anyone to be happy with.
I know its all about hormones (I read about it in one of the countless books that now litter the house at every turn) but that still doesn't make it easy for a bloke.
I'm more than used to getting a bollocking for my otherwise loutish behaviour, but getting "done" for just being around was a new one for me.

Steep learning curve? It was effing vertical!

Even the offer to start decorating the house from top to bottom didn't win me Brownie Points (to be honest, you'd think I'd been inappropriate with a Brownie)
Undeterred, I started on the dining room allowing Karen (aka Lawrence) to make all the choices in colour and design.
We had arguments about cutting in and an actual walk out over skirting boards!
It was mental!
On a positive note, it did save on some of the confrontation as its hard to get into a disagreement whilst up a ladder (the sudden rush of blood to the head can cause unsteadiness)
Truth be told, although I hate DIY, it was a great opportunity to just stay out of the way.

And like a hurricane, no sooner had it arrived, the moods disappeared.
We're back to our normal selves (just me getting a bollocking for actually being an arse)
I can honestly say that I'm glad.

So, we're on the up.
The tests for Sickle Cell & Thalassaemia have come back negative and the risk of Down's Syndrome has come back "low".
I know its not 100% negative, but its the best that anyone in our position can hope for at this stage.

Karen is definitely "living" the pregnancy through the advice of the aforementioned books.
If it says it in there, its gonna happen.
She's becoming a self fulfilling prophesy!
We're apparently entering the "fog" of pregnancy, where concentration, sense and knowledge go out of the window. Now, I've experienced this before and remember Fliss and Leanda in this phase. Hilarious!

My favourite from Karen so far:
"If Kurt Cobain's band were from Seattle, why were they called Nevada?"

So, the decorating continues (I'm now moving to the kitchen, then the living room, working my way up the stairs and onto our bedroom before starting on the nursery) although we're (I'm) having a break for Christmas.
The last one on our own. Exciting times!

We've also got a collection of "baby" things, for which I thank you!
Things I never knew existed.
A Nappy Wrapper! It puts nappies in a nice little odour free sausage when you've done with them.
I thought you just chucked them in the street, but maybe that's my Dalton upbringing.

My Mum and Dad bought us a baby holder/carrier/transporter thing.

I was made up and thought it was brilliant, though unfortunately we were still in the "arsey" phase so I got a bollocking for asking to have a photo taken. Hence the face!!
(Note the decorating in the background as proof that I wasn't lying about trying my best)

I will no doubt get some pictures over the festive period, including one of the newly formed bump.
Burt or Edie is certainly starting to show!